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Equality of the Human Races: A Review - Sunday, 31 December 2006 - 12:00 PM
Joseph Antenor Firmin (1850-1911) published The Equality of the Human Races , his "positivist" tome, in 1885 as a scientific rebuttal to Arthur de Gobineau's "Inequality of the Human Races." De Gobineau and other architects of "scientific" racism of the 19th century served as the targets of Firmin's address to their problematic perceptions of Africans/Blacks the world over.
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In Critical Times, Whom Should You Trust? - Sunday, 31 December 2006 - 12:00 PM
Who is wiser than all of the Buddhas and Sages combined? This question will, to many, seem somewhat troubling given the current state within which we find our society. However, barring an overdose of unreality, the question is quite apropos under the circumstances. The situation: the debate over Creation vs. Evolution.
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Life Requires More Than Material Trappings - Sunday, 31 December 2006 - 12:00 PM

Life. What is this thing called LIFE? Webster presents various components for its offered definition. However, my favorite has to be "spiritual existence transcending physical death."

Just think for a moment. If such an offering can be believed, then logically, we are comprised of far more than our physical, finite manifestation. That being the case, why then do we spend the majority of our time in the pursuit for the "material" instead of balancing the focus in terms of the "spiritual?"

Reviews : Books
Methodology of The Oppressed: A Review - Sunday, 31 December 2006 - 12:00 PM
“Manifest landmarks transfigure when the foundational underplate that makes their very existence possible shifts upward…”  With this daunting sentence, critical theorist Chela Sandoval opens her text Methodology of the Oppressed .  Dare to proceed further??  Like Scylla and Cherybdis, this sentence has turned many a reader back.  Yet, those who dare to go on are rewarded with a thrillingly insightful account of the times in which we live and a refreshingly hopeful take on the future of humanity.  In an age when many have lost faith in the ability of a beleaguered humanity to resist the shape-shifting forces of oppression and dehumanization, Sandoval comes forth with a “toolkit” for doing just that.  
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Poor People's Campaign Merit Attention - Sunday, 31 December 2006 - 12:00 PM
Have you ever had that "empty" feeling? The kind where you seem helpless to assist in the forward movement of a situation. In many cases, this feeling of emptiness derives from the seemingly lack of concern exhibited by the very people you're attempting to help.

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