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Sadhguru Jaggi VasudevSadhguru Jaggi Vasudev is a visionary and a humanitarian whose work transcends all boundaries. Sadhguru is a profound mystic and a yogi whose understanding and the mastery over the science of yoga comes from his inner experience, rather than any scholarly learning. His work and life is dedicated to bring physical, mental and inner well-being for all people, through the science of yoga.

Sadhguru is offering his yoga teachings to millions of people world wide through a non-profit organization called Isha Yoga Foundation.   In addition to yoga, he is also actively involved in several humanitarian activities to improve the health and well being of human beings throughout the world.   All these activities are carried out by more than 250,000 volunteers.

As delegate to the United Nations’ Millennium World Peace Summit, and as a member of eminent global forums like the World Council of Religious and Spiritual Leaders and Alliance for New Humanity, Sadhguru works with the world’s pre-eminent leaders to relieve human suffering, foster harmony and promote the dignity of all life.

Recognizing that there can be no universal transformation without individual transformation, Sadhguru has dedicated his life to presenting powerful methods of self-transformation to people from all walks of life. He developed Isha Yoga - a set of scientifically structured programs, which have touched and transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

Sadhguru has been actively supportive of efforts empowering business and commerce communities with methods and tools drawn from his inner understanding. His weekend program Inner Engineering for Effortless Living and the Wholeness program - a weeklong retreat - are specifically tailored to suit the needs of the corporate world.

His ongoing work with various leadership and professionals includes special programs and addresses held at: St. Mary’s hospital in Detroit (Cancer Survivors’ Program), Omega Institute in New York, Princeton University in New Jersey, Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, the Unity Renaissance Church in Detroit, Riverside Church in New York. Talks at Ford, Chrysler and General Motors automotive companies in Detroit, Pfizer Inc. in Michigan, Time Warner in New York, the Mumbai Stock Exchange in Mumbai and Microsoft Corporation in New Delhi, are some other examples.

Major Activities to Promote Human Welfare:

Yoga Program for the Prisoners:

His humanitarian initiative Inner Freedom for the Imprisoned, meant to transform prisoners, has been immensely successful in the prisons of India and the United States.   “Inner Freedom for the Imprisoned” prison yoga programs were offered for the first time in two American correctional facilities in 2002; the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections at Waymart and Luther Luckett Correctional Complex in LaGrange, Kentucky.   Sadhguru taught the two classes of approximately 50 participants each, and once again prisoners experienced amazing transformation, so much so that some of the prison guards who were present asked if they too could attend the programs.   Both prisons requested that the programs continue at their site, and Pennsylvania officials asked Sadhguru to expand the program to all the twenty-seven Pennsylvania state prisons.

Action for Rural Rejuvenation and Mobile Health Clinics:  

Another social outreach endeavor, Action for Rural Rejuvenation aimed at rejuvenating the poverty stricken, dilapidated rural population has been equally successful in bringing relief to over 750,000 people in the rural areas of Tamil Nadu, South India.   Central to the ARR project are the Mobile Health Clinics (MHC).   These overcome two major barriers to appeasing existing illnesses: cost – by offering free examination and treatment; and access by bringing the medical team to the rural people.

Tsunami Relief:

More recently, his spontaneous response to the plight of the victims of the tsunami disaster, has led to a comprehensive relief and rehabilitation program put forth by the Foundation, involving thousands of people and millions of rupees.

Project Green Hands:

This is an environmental initiative of Isha Foundation that seeks to promote and protect biodiversity, to protect the soil, to restore lost ecological resources and increase the green cover of Tamil Nadu by 10% in the next 10 years.   It seeks to plant 114 million saplings by the year 2016, entirely through voluntary participation and local community involvement.

To this end, a mass planting marathon was held on October 17, 2006.   It resulted in 852,587 saplings being planted in 6284 locations across 27 districts in the state, by over 256,289 volunteers in just one day.   Another 2.5 million plantings are planned for a single day on October 02, 2007.

The overall aim of Project Green Hands is to create public awareness of the need to protect the environment through tree planting and sustainable management.   This ingenious plan sets a new paradigm for large scale changes, where even the poorest of the poor perform a simple action which aggregates into something colossal.   The project is also a massive effort in community building, presenting a new paradigm of participatory governance that empowers lay individual to shape the course of the world.

Isha Vidhya (Educational Project):

"The basic purpose of life and the basic purpose of education is to enhance one's boundaries of perception. I don't want the children after ten years of schooling here to just survive. They must blossom and flower wherever they go." - Sadhguru

Isha Vidhya, an Isha Education Initiative, is committed to raise the level of education and literacy in rural India and help disadvantaged children realize their full potential. The project seeks to ensure quality education for children in rural areas in order to create equal opportunities for all to participate in and benefit from India’s economic growth.

With English computer based education, complemented by innovative methods for overall development and blossoming of each individual, Isha Vidhya Schools empower rural children to meet future challenges. Sadhguru’s intention and goal is to start at least one English ‘Computer Friendly’ Matriculation School in each of the 206 taluks in Tamil Nadu within the next five to seven years. The schools are expected to benefit over 500,000 students when fully functional.

About Isha Foundation:

Isha Foundation is an international public service organization dedicated to imparting the life transforming science of yoga in its totality. It practices the ancient yogic principle that the body is the temple of the spirit and that good health is fundamental to spiritual development. Yoga is taught in its full depth and dimension allowing one to feel its vital spirit and showing that spiritual life does not deny worldly, social and family responsibilities, but rather uses them as vehicles for personal growth and self-realization.

The Isha Yoga Center, created under the aegis of Isha Foundation by founder – Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, a Realized Master, Yogi and a profound Mystic of our times — is located on 50 acres at the foothills of the Velliangiri Mountains. Surrounded by thick forests, it is a part of the Nilgiri Biosphere, a reserve forest with abundant wildlife. The Yoga Center houses a large residential facility, a yogic hospital, the Dhyanalinga Multi-Religious Temple and the Spanda Hall - a 64,000 square-feet meditation hall and program facility.

In addition to initiating hundreds of thousands of people worldwide onto the spiritual path, Isha Foundation has also pioneered several projects of social and national impact. With over 250,000 national and international volunteers, the Isha Foundation networks generous hearts that care about others’ wellbeing. Isha’s endeavors are largely supported by the selfless dedication and spirited effort of its volunteers.

Current Inner Engineering Schedule

Isha Foundation is registered as a Public Charitable Trust in India and as a non-profit 501(c) tax-exempt organization in the USA. It has over 150 centers in India and other parts of the world including Canada, Lebanon, and Germany.

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