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Baruti KMT Baruti KMT-Sisouvong is the Founder, President, and CEO of Radical Scholar, Inc., a  501(c)(3) non-profit educational corporation, and its Web portal, RadicalScholar.com, “Home of Thinkers Around the World.” The idea for Radical Scholar was conceived in 2000 when Baruti discovered the need for a single entity that would bring diverse thinkers and threads of information together in one place to facilitate asking critical questions and creating positive personal and social change. In addition to serving as the visionary behind Radical Scholar, Inc., he also doubles as researcher, producer, and Host of Connecting the Dots, ConnectingtheDots.org, a podcast “exploring the surprising connections between spirituality, science, and world affairs.”

Baruti matriculated to Georgia State University, where he received B.A. degrees in both History (1998) and Sociology (2002) and later pursued graduate study in Sociology and Education (2003-2005). While at GSU, Baruti served as President of the Black Student Alliance (1995-1997) as well as an op-ed columnist for the Signal newspaper and publicity chairman for Circle K International, the college division of KIWANIS.

While attending GSU, Baruti maintained on-campus employment in a number of areas, including the Office of Assistant Dean of Students, University Housing, Information Systems and Technology, and the College of Law, ultimately serving as a Systems Administrator within the College of Arts and Sciences for four years. In this capacity, he served as sole IT consultant on two successfully procured technology grants for the Department of Modern & Classical Languages: $128,537.00 (FY02), $72,950.00 (FY03).  Thereafter, he successfully initiated and procured a $14,060 grant (FY05) for the Department of Sociology to support a student computing lab upgrade.

During the Summer of 1996, Baruti studied abroad in Egypt (KMT) on the Ancient African Study Tour XIII. On this life-changing excursion, he studied the ancient culture, ethics, and political structure of the Kamites under the tutelage of Dr. Asa G. Hilliard, III (Nana Baffour Amankwatia II). Later, while enrolled in Graduate School for Sociology at Georgia State University, Baruti studied with and was mentored by Dr. Hilliard in the College of Education during the 2004-2005 academic year and would later remark that he learned more in that one year than he had in his other graduate classes combined.

In 2005, after leaving GSU and the graduate program, Baruti accepted a position as Director of Information Technology with AID Atlanta, the premiere non-profit AIDS service organization in the southeastern United States. In this capacity, he served as one of five directors of the agency, while overseeing IT functions and public presentation of the overall mission to serve Atlanta’s community members affected by and infected with HIV/AIDS, as well as managing the IT department’s budget. In 2006, Baruti left AID Atlanta to devote his energies to Radical Scholar, Inc.

In April 2008, Baruti was inducted into the Martin Luther King, Jr., International Collegium of Scholars of Morehouse College making him an "Honorary Morehouse Man." This award was created by Dean Lawrence Edward Carter, Sr. of MLK International Chapel of Morehouse College and sanctioned by Coretta Scott King as a way to keep her husband’s philosophical legacy alive. The purpose of the Collegium of Scholars, which together with the Board of Preachers and Board of Sponsors forms the Martin Luther King, Jr. College of Ministers and Laity, is to sustain the civil and human rights non-violent movement in the public consciousness. Members are charged with providing ethical and spiritual leadership to society-at-large as well as serving as moral and intellectual role models for students of Morehouse College and other institutions of learning. Additionally, in August of the same year, he was presented a rare opportunity to pick-up where he left off with Graduate School and pursued the study of Vedic Science. Having been accepted to the graduate program at Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa, he completed the M.A. in spring of 2009 and is presently matriculating through their Doctoral program. His dissertation research focuses on ideas and idea-generators of the 19th and 20th century that focused on the mystical experience as situated within secular thought and life-systems. As he moves forward with the work, it is his sincere hope that many will develop a new appreciation for the early ideas and idea-generators as we move forward with the emerging paradigm of Vedic Science, its associated technologies of Consciousness and what it and they, respectively, hold for the future of humanity as a whole. Also, while on campus, Baruti served as President of the Global Student Council (GSC) during the 2009-2010 academic year. Click Here to learn more.

In 2012, Baruti and his wife, Mina, embarked on a journey to realize a long-held desire since learning Transcendental Meditation in 2008---to become Certified Teachers of the technique. After five months of in-residence education concluding January 2013, both he and Mina realized their dream and have served as Directors of the Transcendental Meditation Program for Cambridge, Boston, and the surrounding areas since Spring 2013. Click Here to learn more about TM.

An avid bibliophile and independent researcher, Baruti maintains an extensive and ever-growing metaphysical and philosophical library. In addition to reading, writing, and research - both traditional and otherwise - he enjoys doing yoga asanas, reading Vedic literature in Sanskrit, preparing raw, vegan, and vegetarian meals, and traveling with his best friend and wife, Mina.

Click here for Baruti's complete vitae.

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