Being True Requires Self and Societal Analysis
By Baruti KMT
Sunday, 31 December 2006 - 12:00 PM

In our quest to better know ourselves and to have others better understand us, we must begin by being true to ourselves. There are many instances in the history of humankind, whereby those of less than noble ideals have sought to uphold disingenuous ideas, thereby causing masses of people to be misled into looking in one direction, when all the while they should be looking in the other for the source of their discomfort.

Nevertheless, the question that must be asked, is whether people are really being duped, or do they choose to simply ignore the process of deception that surrounds them? Self imposed or otherwise. If they are in reality the victims of a well executed misinformation campaign, then so be it. However, if the reason for non-acknowledgement rests on the belief that it will be of no benefit to do so, such a position is indeed problematic.

While it is accepted that it matters not what happens to you, but more importantly how you react to that which happens to you, it should be born in mind that the onus of understanding is something that should be shared by all. Especially those who possess the capacity to do so.

Why can't we be honest with ourselves when it comes to our fears, desires and concerns? In some instances, we as people put those around us in very precarious positions due to our recognized inadequacies. At times, we fear statements that will be heaped upon our heads by caring friends and not so caring acquaintances. Therefore, we choose, to our detriment, not to examine our actions or the impact of those actions on those around us. Thereby deceiving not only ourselves, but those who care a great deal about us.

What is quite puzzling, is that many of us truly believe that if we ignore the situation or problem, it will simply disappear. This is not the case. Solutions and growth can only be brought about through vigorous action. Action that will assist us and those with whom we come in contact, to not only have a greater degree of respect for ourselves, but to possibly develop a greater admiration for one another all together.

We as people must recognize that we have inadequacies, but through the process of recognition, we begin the long and arduous process of becoming more truthful in our respective interactions. This can only be accomplished by examining the source of our discomfort, not by examining the manifestation only.

The ancient Hermetics viewed the moon as being artificial light, while the masses looked upon it as the source of the light that illuminates the dark skies. However, when one examines the "source" it is soon realized that the moon is not the source at all, but the sun which shines upon the moon that supplies light, through the process of reflection.

The question that must be asked here is: by what are you guided, the manifestation/moon, or are you seeking a deeper guidance in the sun/source? Make your choices wisely, for the continuation of your physical existence depends upon the choice.

Column originally published in Signal (Georgia State University's student newspaper) 11 March 1997

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