A Positive Society Begins With One's Growth
By Baruti KMT
Sunday, 31 December 2006 - 12:00 PM

Being the best that we can be, should be the goal of all people. Often times we complain about the status quo, but rarely offer solutions to correct the problems that plague our society, as well as our social interactions.  As we move into the new millennia, the fundamental question that should be on all of our minds, is what type of society do we want to live in?; one which will serve most of the needs of all the people, or one which will serve all the needs of some of the people.

In asking such a question, we begin the ball of conscious action on its path toward understanding. As we evolve, it soon becomes apparent that, it's more important to address the root of a problem, than looking with awe at its manifestation. Remember, an ounce of prevention, is worth a pound of cure. For instance, you can't rid a lawn of dandelions by simply mowing the grass, you must eradicate them at the root in order to prohibit their perennial return.

Given that critical analysis is essential for the examination of situations, one must first understand the foundation upon which the manifested problem rests. Once the source of the problem is realized, those wishing to honestly work toward a solution, will have a better idea as to the most effective course of action to pursue.

In our attempts to be the best that we can be, it is important to recognize our strengths, and work on weaknesses. Was it not Shakespeare who said, "to thine own self be true?" If we are going to erect a society that has at its core the essence of humane behavior, then we must first deal with ourselves in a humane fashion. After all, being "true" to ourselves will only make it easier to proceed to the next level of human development.

For it logically follows, that if we love and respect our selves, then it will be less encumbering to love and respect our fellow woman or man. Thereby creating a society that encompass positive implications for the future.

Here stands a challenge to all; seek to determine your strengths and weaknesses, work honestly on them in order to bring your weaknesses closer to the strength side of the equation, then seek to assist others in their quest to become better human beings.

Recognizing, that your attempts to be dis-ingenuous with yourself will not produce the desired effect, it is vitally important that you not shy away from what you discover about yourself - good, bad, and ugly. For just as you cannot have fresh growth without breaking up fallow ground, you cannot expect this process to be painless. It should, and will be painful. Yet, the sensation of pain will produce the opportunity to experience, learn, and remember. Oddly enough, this "trinity of life" provides the foundation upon which a more humane society can be based, thereby causing us to be the best that we can be. 

Column originally published in Signal (Georgia State University's student newspaper) 14 January 1997

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