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Radical Scholar, Inc. is a Non-Profit educational corporation with 501(c)(3) operational status in the United States.  Although situated within the U.S., our focus is global.  The goal of this site and the organization as a whole is to foster dialogue between various thought communities around the world in an effort to build consensus as we prepare for the future of humanity.   This will be accomplished by providing interviews and profiles with and of well-known and lesser-known thinkers and visionaries, both past and present, who, like us, seek and sought to research and answer fundamental questions about the world in which we live.  To that end, know that we at Radical Scholar seek to provide you, our visitors and readers, with a unique experience; one that will introduce you to people you know well and others you will meet for the first time, all of whom have as their fervent desire to provide a better world for all.

In addition to the many interviews and profiles we have in store for you, another method for achieving our goal of synthesizing ideas and information and providing a valuable resource for considering people and idea-generators from around the world will be in the form of reviews, both book and movie.  In providing a breadth of ideas for your consideration, we are certain you will not only seek out the thinkers and their works profiled in this space, but will agree that Radical Scholar and our website are committed to providing a valuable service for all who consider the future of a better world for all to be of prime importance.

Last, but certainly not least, we have not only provided a forum for you, our visitors, to discuss ideas presented, but also to exchange ideas directly with one another as we move toward a higher and better version of ourselves, both individually and collectively.

What is a "Radical Scholar?"

Given the etymological meaning of the word "radical" from Late Latin "radicalis," which denotes ROOT i.e., relating or pointing to the origin or base/cause as in being "fundamental," and our goal of providing a point of systhesis of people and ideas in this space, the word was chosen.  In considering the word "scholar," we see one as being "a learned person."

Therefore, "radical," when coupled with "scholar," produces "radical scholar" and is defined as a learned person who provides the framework to rethink the world in which we live from an all-encompassing perspective, by synthesizing diverse strands of knowing and spheres of knowledge with the goal of understanding and articulating any phenomenon in question. -- Baruti KMT-Sisouvong

That having been said, welcome to a world of ideas.

Radical Scholar

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